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Japanese Technique To Manage Stress in 10 minutes!!

Almost every one of us is dealing with some kind of stress in our daily lives. It may be due to excessive workload, examination pressure, illness, bad relationship, unhealthy lifestyle etc. If left untreated, stress can cause serious health problems like cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, emotional & behavioral changes. Excessive stress can also affects our immune system & makes our body more vulnerable to serious diseases.

Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.

~ Hans Selye

There are many ways to manage stress such as yoga, regular exercise, positive attitude, healthy eating habits, avoiding unnecessary conflicts, learning new things, do something that makes you feel happy like gardening, reading books, helping others etc. Beside these techniques, there’s also an ancient Japanese method of stress relieving that can be done anywhere in 5-10 minutes.

How To Apply This Technique!!

Before applying this technique, it is important to know that each of the fingers of our hand are linked with different kind of emotions.

Japanese Technique of Self Relaxation

Emotion or Feeling Linked With Each Finger

  • Thumb helps you to tackle emotions like worry & anxiety.
  • Index Finger helps you to tackle your fear.
  • Middle Finger helps you to control anger & dissatisfaction.
  • Ring Finger helps you to fight depression & regret.
  • Pinky helps relieve uneasiness and improves your confidence & self-esteem.

Here are the steps to perform this Japanese Technique:

  • Taking one finger at a time, hold the finger of one hand with the opposite hand & wrapping all of the fingers & thumb of the opposite hand around it.
  • Hold each finger for 1-2 minutes & wait until you feel a pulsating sensation. This is an indication that this technique is working.
  • You can apply gentle pressure at the center of your palm with the thumb of the opposite hand. Hold for 1-2 minutes & you will feel relaxed.

We must patiently practice every day.     

~ Swami Vivekananda

If you practice this ancient Japanese technique every day, it helps you to relieve stress, creates balance  in your emotions & calms your mind.

Thank You, Readers!!

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