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Data Interpretation Problems – Pie Chart (Set 1)

By Knowledge Sharing / 30 Jun 2018

SNAP – 2009The pie charts below show the percentage students in each faculty at North West University and the number of non-US students in the Arts faculty. These percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number. There are a total of 1049 students in Arts faculty. Use this information to answer the following questions.Students […]


Data Interpretation Problem CAT 2007 (Set 1)

By Knowledge Sharing / 21 Jun 2018

DATA INTERPRETATION – CAT 2007​The proportion of male students and the proportion of vegetarian students in a school are given below. The school has a total of 800 students, 80% of whom are in the Secondary Section and rest equally divided between Class 11 and 12. MALE (M)VEGETARIAN (V)Class 120.6Class 110.550.5Secondary Section0.55Total0.4750.531) ​What is the […]


First Indian Woman in Various Field

By Knowledge Sharing / 17 Jun 2018

Dear Readers,This is one of the key sections of Static GK and questions from this section is often asked in various competitive examinations like SSC, MBA entrance test, Railways, etc. Not only from the examination perspective, this section is important but it is expected that one should have knowledge of these basic GK topics. In […]


Sentence Completion For CAT, SSC, Banking Exercise 1

By Knowledge Sharing / 12 Jun 2018

Sentence completion exercise tests your vocabulary knowledge as well as your ability to comprehend sentences. If you already have an excellent vocabulary, then tackling questions on sentence completion will be relatively easier.After reading this most of you might be thinking:Can I improve my vocabulary knowledge?Is there any possibility to score well in this section?Negative impact […]


Mixed General Knowledge Question and Quiz

By Knowledge Sharing / 6 Jun 2018

Dear Readers,In this article we will be covering 15 questions from various sections like National Park & Wildlife Sanctuaries, Important Dams & Power Plants, Currencies & Capital, Important Monuments & Temples, Organisations and their Headquarters. Questions from these topics are frequently asked in various competitive examinations like banking, SSC, Railways, UPSC etc.  At the end […]