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Knowledge Sharing is purely an educational blog which is maintained by Abhinav Prasad. Abhinav is currently pursuing MBA & he predominantly writes articles related to Aptitude and General Knowledge. He is also an enthusiastic learner and loves photography.


Important Weekly Business Quiz-02

By Knowledge Sharing / 18 Aug 2018

Important Weekly Business Quiz-02​1) Which Indian automobile company has recently bagged an order for supply of 300 double decker buses to BRTC (Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation)?  Show Answer Ashok Leyland 2) Which company has got the approval for acquisition of Ruchi Soya by CCI (Competition Commission of India)? Show Answer Adani Wilmar Limited 3) Saurabh […]


Quiz on Founder of Famous Companies

By Knowledge Sharing / 14 Aug 2018

Founder of Foreign Companies1) Who is the founder of Ford Motor Company? Show Answer Henry Ford 2) Name the founder of one of the largest sportswear manufacturer company Adidas? Show Answer Adolf Dassler 3) Who is the founder of an American multinational retail corporation Walmart Inc.? Show Answer Sam Walton 4) Who founded the American […]


Important Weekly Business Quiz–01

By Knowledge Sharing / 11 Aug 2018

Dear Readers, I have started Important Weekly Business Quiz series which will help you to stay abreast of the current events happening in the industry and markets. It will also assist you in your interview, business quiz events and other competitive examination preparation. ‘Don’t forget to attempt the quiz at the end of this article’ […]


Top 70 Important General Knowledge Questions

By Knowledge Sharing / 27 Jul 2018

Dear Readers, In this article you will learn the top 70 important general knowledge questions with their answers. These are some basic general knowledge questions and even some of them were repeatedly asked in various examinations like SNAP, IIFT, SSC, CLAT, Railways etc. So, please go through these questions carefully. Top 70 Important GK Questions 1) […]


Law of Indices-Important Concepts & Problems

By Knowledge Sharing / 23 Jul 2018

Definition Let’s understand the definition with the help of an example: 5³ can be expanded as 5×5×5. i.e. we have multiplied 5 by itself 3 times. So, index (also known as exponent or power) tells us how many times we must multiply the number by itself. Key Points: 5 is called the base. 3 is called […]

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